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Services we Offer

AtSimple Pets Relocations, we offer domestic and international pet shipping services for every situation, including the following:

  • Everyday Relocation - Simple Pets Relocations will relocate your pet for work or family reasons.
  • Military Relocation - Simple Pets Relocation, we know it is difficult during a PCS for you and your family, let us help take the burden of moving your pet off of your shoulders.
  • Corporate Relocation - Simple Pets Relocation will work with you or your company representative to help make a smooth transition.
  • Family Vacation - Simple Pets Relocations will help make your vacation even more relaxing by taking the stress out of your pet shipping arrangements.
  • Breeders/Trainers - Whether selling animals or sending them out for breeding or training, Simple Pets Relocations can help.

Pet shipping and pet travel is very common but requires experience and knowledge of pet shipping rules and regulations set by airlines and government agencies around the world. While pet shipping within the United States can be complicated, shipping a pet internationally presents a whole new set of challenges.

Let Simple Pets Relocations cut through the "red tape" to make your pet shipping or pet travel experience effortless. At Simple pets movers we offer Door to Door service or Airport to Airport service. If full service is not needed, we can tailor a specific plan to meet your pet shipping needs. We call this our Pick and Choose option.

  • Initial consultation of your specific pet shipping or pet travel needs by a Simple Pets Relocation professional.
  • Delivery to the airport.
  • Pickup from the airport and delivery to final destination.
  • Simple Pets Relocations can provide veterinary services for your pet's health exam, any necessary vaccines, micro chipping and obtaining necessary health certificates from a veterinarian you prefer or one that we recommend.
  • Simple Pets Relocations will book flight reservations and ensure a direct connection whenever possible.
  • Simple Pets Relocation will obtain all necessary documentation to comply with airlines and government agencies including United States Department of Agriculture approval.
  • Customs clearance paperwork will be handled bySimple Pets Relocations in accordance with each individual country's regulations.
  • Simple Pets Relocations professional will help determine the proper sized IATA approved pet shipping kennel.
  • Simple Pets Relocations will advise you on preparing your pet shipping kennel for travel including food and water containers, bedding, labeling, etc.
  • Simple Pets Relocations will coordinate all necessary payments to airlines, kennels, vet, agencies, etc.
  • Simple Pets Relocations representative will arrange boarding for your pet if necessary.

Airport To Airport

It’s just like it sounds. Simple Pets Relocations arranges all the reservations, health certificates and necessary documentation, flight information, veterinary services and boarding, if needed. Next, aSimple Pets Relocations professional will guide you on exactly what preparations need to be made. We can give you advice on helping get your pet used to his travel kennel and we'll help you prepare his kennel for the most comfortable and safe trip possible. Once your pet is ready to travel you have the option of dropping him off for his flight or picking him up at his destination if it is convenient for you.

If you are looking to save some money, or just want to get that extra time with your loved pet on the way to or from the airport, than this is the perfect option for you. It requires a little more time on your part, and it may present an unfamiliar environment and procedures, but a Simple Pets Relocations expert will be available to help direct you.


AtSimple Pets Relocations, we understand the importance of saving money. For this reason, we offer you the option of handling any of the services you choose to. For instance, you may wish to take your pet to the vet while we arrange all of the other details for you. You can simply pick which portions of the pet shipping process you would like to handle yourself, andSimple Pets Relocations will handle the rest!


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